K39 is a young company, just born, but which has a history of almost a century behind it. In fact, we have been manufacturers of car accessories since 1929 and this makes us one of the oldest and most experienced companies in the production of these items.

Behind this acronym lies a pool of professionals in the sector including the founders of the C.A.M. (Costruzioni Autoaccessori Milano) which has been able to combine the design and execution at an industrial level of products of excellent technology. Their experience comes from the knowledge acquired in other companies where they started this path, and which today use new techniques of business aggregation, has the permission to put it into practice.

Identifying the type of companies that collaborate with us took a long time, it is necessary to have a thorough control of the cycles and processing methods.

But the great satisfaction in seeing the first prototypes that already far exceeded our specifications convinced us that this was the right path to follow. We therefore persevered on our path regardless of the economic constraints that the times imposed on us, confident that in the end our product would be the best.

Today we boast a series of extremely versatile and technically valid products that allow us to enter the car and industrial vehicle market with pride.

We care a lot about the judgment of our customers and we have a continuous and direct relationship with them to monitor any possible critical issues on our products or in the sales network.

It is with this spirit that we continue our work, without ever lowering the level of quality, but always trying to exceed market standards.